USC has to clean up sloppy play

For Trojan fans, it’s going to be easy to look forward to ASU this weekend — but they shouldn’t let last Saturday’s game against Oregon State out of the rearview mirror just yet. The contest against the Beavers was the ugliest 35-10 win I’ve ever seen. Some of us will point to the 7:30 p.m. […]

One-pan fried rice dishes offer flavor and freshness

The fast food industry has given comfort foods a bad reputation. Classic dishes such as macaroni and cheese, hamburgers and chili are often laden with processed ingredients and refined sugars. Even seemingly healthy fast-food options such as salads and wraps lack the honesty and wholesome flavor of their homemade counterparts. One of my goals with […]

Incendiary language in U.N. address renders efforts futile

Last Friday, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas delivered an incendiary address to the United Nations General Assembly. His speech was packed with fighting words — rhetoric that, in an ironic twist, has turned out to be points of weakness.  Though his proposal to end Israeli occupation in the West Bank expresses his people’s frustrations well, Abbas’s […]

President Abbas’s speech opens up a chance at lasting peace

In perhaps his most fiery speech since this past summer’s violence between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations General Assembly Friday, blasting Israel for conducting a “war of genocide” over its 50-day operation in Gaza that resulted in the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians and 69 Israelis. In […]

Jeter’s retirement marks the end of an era for ’90s superstars

Love him or hate him, Derek Jeter gave sports fans one last moment to cherish with a walk-off RBI single in his final game at Yankee Stadium last Thursday. It wasn’t a ball blasted out of the park for a home run. It wasn’t a hit to clinch game seven of the World Series. It […]

Sarkisian brings back National Championship hopes for USC

When the news broke that the USC had found their new head football coach in Steve Sarkisian, the reaction across campus and from the Trojan faithful was underwhelming to say the least. “They fired Kiffin only to replace him with Kiffin 2.0?” asked puzzled football fans. Safe to say, the hiring of “Seven win Steve” […]