Fantasy Football: Trade Targets

If your team is struggling as of late, you might want to shake things up. It is getting to the point in the season where if your team is 0-4 or 1-3, things need to change. In most cases, this is going to take a drastic change and as a team owner, you cannot rely […]

Freedom of speech should be allowed in student journalism

The outrage over an article published in The Gazette, a student publication at the University of Western Ontario, on August 19, 2014 forced a lot of students to rethink their parameters of choosing a college to spend four years—or even more—at. The adverse response to this article titled “So you want to date a teaching […]

“State of Emergency” should inspire more urgency

With the surplus of news segments, radio advertisements, and flashing reminders on the side of the freeway, everyone in California knows that the state is in the midst of a drought. Even with this knowledge, many Californians are blatantly ignoring the severity of the situation and continuing in their daily water habits without adjusting to […]

Water parks should not be an incentive for recruitment

Most 20-something’s love water parks. Most 20-something’s also are in college. So, it makes intuitive sense to satiate the needs of 20-something’s thirst for water parks by adding them to college campuses, right? Right – according to many Southeastern universities. In 2016, Louisiana State University is expected to have a new lazy river, which will […]

Lawmakers Must Heed Death Penalty Ruling

Today, California voter support for the death penalty is at its lowest point in more than four decades, according to the L.A. Times. Since the beginning of this year, three of the country’s ten executions have been botched. In January, Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire suffered a 25-minute suffocation. In April, Oklahoma inmate Clayton died after […]

Saturday could be a turning point

Enough about Boston College already. As one of the sports editors of this newspaper, I’ve read the phrase, “Coming off a 37-31 loss to unranked Boston College, the 18th-ranked Trojan football team is focused on preparing for Oregon State” countless times over the past two weeks, and I’ve been guilty of inserting it into other […]