Easy tips to help students stay healthy during exams

For many college students, finals week is synonymous with countless hours of studying, sleepless nights and unhealthy eating patterns. What caffeinated beverages and junk food lack in nutritional value, they make up for in quick jolts of energy. It can be difficult to prioritize eating well through this particularly stressful period of the semester. Through […]

Tech campaigns that promote ethical consumerism fall short

As the holidays jingle in, the newest color of the season seems to be Apple (RED). In an unprecedented two-week campaign that began Nov. 24, tech giant Apple Inc. will be donating a portion of its holiday sales from retail and online stores to (PRODUCT) RED, a licensed brand with a mission to rid the […]

Apple’s (RED) has potential to make a tangible difference

Yesterday, while most companies aggressively marketed Cyber Monday deals, tech giant Apple rang in the holiday season with a new initiative that promises to make its customers inspi(RED).   The corporation launched its two-week campaign PRODUCT (RED) on Nov. 24, pledging to donate a portion of all its in-store and online purchases on certain days, […]

Sports serve to connect the world

It’s a crisp fall morning in Southern Californian suburbia, the kind where leaving the warmth of home makes my breath create wispy streams of condensation that trail me as I run to the end of our driveway, where the day’s copy of the Los Angeles Times sat in the same spot every morning for almost […]