International Finance Major introduced

The Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences has created a new major: international relations and the global economy,  combining two of the school’s most popular majors, international relations and economics.

The new major will allow students to take courses involving both international relations theories with a more technical curriculum that includes global finance, statistics for economists, and micro- and macroeconomics.

According to USC News, students will acquire mathematical and analytical skills as well as a foundation in political theory pertaining to the global economy.

As many Dornsife students were already building double majors in related disciplines, the new major will allow them to explore both international relations and economic theories without having to take overlapping courses to fulfill separate major requirements.

The designer of the IRGE curriculum, assistant professor of international relations Ben Graham, explained the rationale behind the creation of this interdisciplinary major.

“The idea is that the domestic economy is affected by the global economy,” Graham said. “Students need to be aware of the global politics shaping the domestic economy and the political forces that affect markets.”

Graham also emphasized the need for students interested in global business to develop an understanding of how international economies operate.

“You’re always competing in a global economy,” Graham said. “So there’s a lot to be said for putting an international spin on studying the economy.”