The New L.A. King: Alfred’s Coffee


Athanasius Georgy | Daily Trojan


Coffee. We drink it in the morning. We drink it in the afternoon. We even drink it in the evening. In such a large city like Los Angeles, it can be difficult to find that perfect cup of Joe. Forget chains like Coffee Bean and Starbucks, in a city like L.A. it’s all about the independent shops.

For years, Silver Lake’s Intelligentsia and its subsequent locations have dominated the L.A. coffee scene. They work with roasters around the world to produce some of the best tasting coffee you’ll ever have. With a great ambience and such attention to detail, there’s no beating Intelligentsia – until you go to Alfred’s Coffee.

Alfred’s is the quintessential L.A. hot spot. Located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, you’re sure to love the décor, style and feel of Alfred’s. Relatively unknown to the public, but extremely popular to coffee-lovers, Alfred’s has the culture and philosophy that all will love. They exclusively brew Stumptown Coffee and there’s no shortage of views and scenes to snap a photo of on your phone. Alfred’s encompasses everything you want in a coffee shop. An excellent brew, plenty of seating, good vibes, and most importantly, it feels uniquely L.A.. If you’re new to the city or have never ventured out to try new spots, Alfred’s is the go to location to really grasp what L.A. is really all about. You feel like it’s too good to be true a place like Alfred’s exists.

Driving or Uber are your best bets from campus. There’s usually street parking available on Melrose Pl. or nearby La Cienega Blvd. Another location, Alfred’s in the Alley just opened up down the street on Melrose and later this month they’ll see yet another shop open in Brentwood. Alfred’s is on the rise and as they add to their expansion, it might be poised for widespread popularity, even outside LA.

As Alfred’s slogan goes, “But first, coffee.”

Athanasius Georgy is a sophomore majoring in economics. His column, “Food n’ Frame,” runs Tuesdays.


Athanasius Georgy | Daily Trojan