Daily Trojan launches new site, features

There’s something different about the Daily Trojan today.

If you haven’t visited our website in the past 24 hours, then you haven’t seen the Daily Trojan’s new look — and we think you’re missing out.

The Daily Trojan has been a fixture at USC since its establishment. You can find us in newsstands situated across the campus, inside buildings and outdoors in the Campus Center every weekday. As the world has shifted toward digital platforms, you have also been able to find us online, but we’ve understood for a while now that our website wasn’t meeting the needs of our readership.

That is why we are proud to announce that DailyTrojan.com has undergone a complete redesign. This project, which has been months in the making, began with the goal of improving the functionality and user experience of our site. We hope you find that this goal has been achieved.

This new website has a cleaner, more modern look to provide a you with a user-friendly browsing experience. It looks great on your mobile device — a feature we know you will appreciate in today’s on-the-go, digital media landscape. Our makeover also creates a more cohesive appearance for the Daily Trojan since our print edition underwent a redesign in spring 2014.

But looks aren’t everything. In addition to our new style, we’ve committed to bringing you more content online. To coincide with the site’s debut, we have launched six new blogs for you to peruse. These blogs aim to cater to your life as a student. Read up about classmates’ experiences abroad, find extra sports coverage, consider new perspectives on current events, find out where to find and how to make the best eats, and see campus through a new lens in our photos.

More multimedia content is online, as well. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our videos and podcasts, including the weekly “Soundboard” where we make your voices heard on the latest campus issues.

All of these new aspects of our online presence are part of our efforts to provide this campus with content that best suits you, the reader. As we always say, the Daily Trojan is dedicated to being your first resource for campus news. Now that we are focusing our sights on the digital world ahead, this mission is more important and feasible than ever.

The print edition will always be the backbone of the Daily Trojan, but the new website marks a new era for the DT. We are no longer just a newspaper, and though we might be evolving, our values remain the same. Publishing the best stories possible remains our top priority. We are excited to provide you with a more convenient avenue to accessing campus news, and we look forward to filling this website with the honest, original reporting that has filled the pages of the DT for more than a century.

The Daily Trojan Spring 2015 Editorial Board

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