Four things to keep in mind when you’re having a bad day

Mariya Dondonyan | Daily Trojan

Mariya Dondonyan | Daily Trojan

Even with the sun shining and the weather reads 75 degrees here in Southern California, the perfect day is not always around. For those inevitable lows of our life remember these pieces of advice and find solace in some relaxing places at USC.

Chances are the lows of a bad day that you experienced will not matter five or ten years from now. It’s important to remind yourself that it is all-relative and taking a step back when you are hurting or overwhelmed is important to make yourself happy.

Things to keep in mind and visit when the world is on your shoulders:

1) You are alive. You have a beating heart and a functioning brain and you are privileged with being able to breathe in the beautiful air everyday. Compare your life to someone in Africa for example, you are healthy, with a bed to sleep in at night and food to eat. Go to one of the top levels in TCC. You can a beautiful view of campus there and catch some really pretty sunsets. It’s also usually quiet, which is always a plus.

2) You matter to somebody and you are loved. If you’re feeling blue, recall a time where you and a loved one laughed so hard your stomach hurt. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ve brought joy to someone’s life in some capacity? You are an important person in this world whether that is to your family, friends or maybe your puppy dog — you are loved so much. Go sit near Traveler by the fountain. People-watching is something that never disappoints and can make you feel calm so easily.

3) You and only you are in charge of your own happiness. Joy is something that you bring to yourself. You decide when you want to go out and make a difference, you decide when you want to stay home and take time for yourself. You are your own pilot. If you are having a day that just is not going, as you would have hoped, it is up to you to turn it around. Be mentally tough. Try a yoga class at the Lyon center to clear your head — they are refreshing and rejuvenating.

4) There is such a thing as random acts of kindness. Just thinking about that makes me smile. The other day I was tired, but rallied myself to finish my laundry. When I went to the drying machine to take out my clothes they were perfectly folded on top of the dryer with a note that said “I hope you have a good day!” Having a resurgence of hope in humanity is always a good thing and thinking about myself reciprocating that good thing to someone else really warms my heart.

You have so many amazing things to look forward to. Your life has barely begun and one bad day is not defining of your future! Remind yourself that this life is long and this life is good. Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be okay.

Brittany Fleck is a sophomore majoring in human development and aging. Her column, “B-Flecksible,” runs Fridays.