Gender equality in China: What happens after marriage?

When you think China, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t gender equality. And why should it be, when many agricultural families still prefer boys to girls, and even urban families are mainly concerned with marrying their daughter off into a good family. So maybe I wasn’t the only one (pleasantly) surprised when […]

Time to salute Pat Haden

USC athletic director Pat Haden has made a lot of momentous decisions since taking over for his predecessor Mike Garret in 2010. In just about four and half years, Haden has hired and fired a bundle of coaches, a combined seven different head coaches at the helm of USC’s football and basketball programs. Haden has […]

Abandoned compound invites adventure seekers

My professor meant the question as a quick icebreaker, a way for everyone to share about themselves: “OK, everyone, name your favorite place in Los Angeles.” Maybe I was tired from a day full of icebreakers, maybe I just wanted to shake up a dull class, but for whatever reason, my automatic answer was “Nazi […]