Lightning in a Bottle festival mixes music and spirituality

On Memorial Day weekend, The Do LaB hosted their annual music festival, Lightning in a Bottle, in Bradley, California, and festival goers were more than impressed by this year’s performances and activities. Involving music, yoga classes and meditation rooms, Lightning in a Bottle brightened up everyone’s weekend by creating a space where artists and music […]

Buenos Aires cafes serve as urban oases

Argentines love a good cafe.  A place where they can meet with their friends and loved ones at any time of the day to catch up on life over a cup of coffee and a pastry.  While I cannot say that I’ve found better coffee here than at some of my favorite spots in Los […]

Letterman’s late-night reign comes to an end

For more than 30 years, talk show host David Letterman dominated late-night comedy. Unlike the brash comedians of his generation, Letterman showcased an off-brand, self-deprecating humor that touched audiences across the nation. Indeed, his comedy routine was groundbreaking, influencing many well-known comics of today, including Conan O’Brien, Ray Romano and Jim Gaffigan. Fellow talk-show host […]

Honoring athletes who have served

Memorial Day is often thought of as the kickoff to summer, a day filled with polo shirts, barbecues and sports. But this day is really about remembering and honoring those we lost who have gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted daily. The sports world does not stop for […]