Highs and lows of life in Buenos Aires

It’s hard to believe that it was exactly four months ago that I arrived at Ezeiza International Airport with hardly any idea what the semester had in store for me. I remember the nervous feeling I had finding my way around the city, searching for an apartment and then finally deciding on the international student […]

Jordan Spieth becoming a legend

Golf can certainly be looked down upon as a sport for athletically inept, rich old men who like to drink beer.  But, those are just stereotypes of a sport that is on the brink of what could be one of its most exciting eras in recent history. Young gun Jordan Spieth has just entered legendary […]

HUD should not impose economic integration

As if President Obama’s long list of failed promises for reformations within the economic, healthcare and immigration sectors weren’t enough, he and his administration are now striving to build a “legacy” filled with more extreme policy measures that even his biggest supporters cannot seem to comprehend. The Obama administration’s most recent radically leftist move under […]