Freshman year playlist takes us back to that first day

When I think back to my first days as a USC student, there are songs that I instantly associate with the unique feelings of being a nervous and wide-eyed freshman. To this day, when I listen to these songs I’m instantly overwhelmed with the same emotions I felt back then when I was trying to get settled into a new environment.

Many students have songs that they associate with their first days as an official Trojan. They may have been songs your friend showed you right before you left for school, or maybe they were the songs that you listened to when you were homesick because you’ve known all the words since you were a kid. For me, there’s a love-hate relationship with the songs that bring back the memories of being a new freshman on campus. I’m sure many students can remember how stressful, albeit eventful that had been.

Some of the songs on my freshman year playlist were oldies but goodies, some were new at the time, some were already slightly outdated, but I played them all over and over again during my first few days at USC. To most people, these songs would have no clear theme or connection because where else would you hear Migos played right after a Billie Holiday track. Or some Tim McGraw followed by Slim Shady? To me, however, these songs represented all the emotions I experienced those first few days. A lot of it had to do with me being homesick for the first week or so, and these songs reminded me of home.

I hope every student will be able to look back on the songs that made them feel like they did when they were new to USC. These songs are a couple of tunes that I’ve been listening to lately, as I’m getting ready to go back to school. In May, I’ll be able to listen to this playlist and remember exactly how I felt at the beginning of the fall semester. Like last year, these songs include a wide variety of genres and styles, but they represent how I feel going into sophomore year. This playlist should provide a good point to find songs that will help you remember this crucial time in every student’s life.



Panic Cord – G Frsh (Prod. By HUCCI)

Dontcha – The Internet

Talladega – Eric Church

Crash My Party – Luke Bryan

Apartment – Young the Giant

Mean Streets – Tennis

The Golden State – City and Colour