New and improved: Our vision for Blogs this fall

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Welcome to the Daily Trojan’s new and improved blog section! Last semester, we rolled out a new website that allowed us to launch six blogs aimed to build our online presence. Over the summer, we’ve made a few changes that we hope will enhance this section and appeal to a variety of interests that span across campus. We’re excited to introduce four new blogs — Behind the Desk, SC Style, Commas Saves Lives and Trojan Tunes — in addition to continuing DeeTs, Troy Meets World, DT Photo Blog, Trojan Timeout and SCrumptious.

As the University’s independent student newspaper, it’s imperative to us that we are completely transparent with our readers. We spend a lot of time in the newsroom — you can find us on fourth floor of the Student Union after 5 p.m. every weekday — so we wanted to give you an inside look at what we do here with a new weekly blog, Behind the Desk. We hope that it will provide a sense of transparency by offering editors a forum to share what’s most important to them and their section, as well as give the opportunity to explain editorial decisions they have made.

For all you fashion lovers out there, SC Style will highlight the newest trends from Fashion Week runways to USC’s campus. With Trojan Tunes, commentary on the latest albums and the perfect playlists will be posted. Comma Saves Lives invites readers into the exciting world of copy editing where the grammar police of the newsroom engage in heated debates over the use of commas versus semicolons.

This semester, we will build upon our existing blogs by expanding our presence on campus and beyond. The main blog, DeeTs, will feature everything from top ten study location on campus lists to anecdotes offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of SC students. We also hope to incorporate more multimedia, such as polls and quizzes, to make the blog more interactive.

Troy Meets World will bring readers adventurous tales of fellow Trojans studying around the globe. Every week, snapshots following a certain theme will be posted, sent by students based in cities from London to Rio de Janeiro. The DT Photo Blog will continue to capture images of campus life, complete with the week’s greatest events in photos. Trojan Timeout will give a rundown of drama from the sports arena, from campus competitions to international games. Last but not least, readers can head over to SCrumptious for a taste of SC with student-friendly recipes and local restaurant and cafe reviews.

We hope that these Daily Trojan blogs will continue to serve as a forum for students to express themselves, keep up with student life and enjoy creative pieces by fellow Trojans here on campus and around the globe.  


Emily Goldberg and Valerie Yu

Fall ’15 Blog Editors of the Daily Trojan