Sarkisian hurt by poor decisions

When the news broke last weekend about coach Steve Sarkisian’s behavior at Salute to Troy, I laughed. At first glance, it seemed pretty harmless and comical and, frankly, not that big of a deal. The jokes were easy, including my personal favorite: Sark shouldn’t be expected to finish drinks or speeches if he can’t even […]

Ban on smoking is ineffective, ignores international students

In a historic anti-smoking move, the California State Senate voted last Thursday to increase the smoking age to 21 and prohibit e-cigarettes from public places that ban traditional smoking. The motion to restrict the presence of smoking echoes an institutional shift toward non-smoking, especially in higher education. Earlier this month, the University of Hawai’i at […]

In the wake of new policies, USC needs to be smoke-free

On Aug. 27, the California Senate approved a package of six bills restricting tobacco use. Most notable of the six was a motion to raise the smoking age in the state from 18 to 21, which would directly affect students on college campuses. Due to the many health hazards associated with cigarettes, universities, especially USC, […]

Mad Decent label features more than just block party

When I first dove into the world of electronic dance music, I wasn’t exactly sure what it entailed. In the early stages of its more mainstream development, major genres included the dubstep and techno remixes of Eurotrash songs people only associated with Dutch hostels. The more and more I explore the world of EDM and […]

Trojan Trends: Back-to-School edition

Sure, in elementary school — and maybe high school (who am I kidding though?) — I would set time aside to plan out my outfits for the first day of class. I thought this feeling would dissipate once I reached college, but I was wrong. I still make a hazard of my closet before the […]