USC, UCLA tied in latest USNWR top college list

For the third time in four years, USC and UCLA have tied in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of national universities.

This year, the two Los Angeles schools were ranked 23rd along with Carnegie Mellon University. Both Carnegie Mellon and USC moved up two spots from last year’s polls while UCLA remained the same.

The national university rankings were very similar to last year’s for both public and private schools.

Madison Swartz, a junior majoring in biological sciences, said USC is deserving of the higher ranking.

“I think the new rankings are much closer to reflecting the level of intellect on USC’s campus than previous years,” Swartz said. “In my classes and around campus, I am continually surprised by the knowledge and insight of each USC student. Honestly, I think USC should be ranked higher.”

Phoenix Pelstring, a senior majoring in business administration, said he has been following the rankings throughout his college career.

“It is just a matter of time before USC surpasses UCLA in the rankings,” Pelstring said.

The USNWR rankings are based on a number of metrics including financial aid availability, student to faculty ratios and admission rate.

Juan Negrete, a junior majoring in policy, planning and development said he is happy USC has moved back up in the ranking.

“It’s good to see USC’s efforts recognized at the national level,” Negrete said. “I think we can only go up from here.”

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  1. b juardo
    b juardo says:

    But Ucla people will always say that USNWR ratings are flawed and that London Times is accurate. Ucla is ranked high on that chart whereas SC is ranked far behind…..

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