Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 9/14

USC News

  • Nikias vs. The Numbers: The U.S. Dept. of Education released a new college scorecard featuring 7,000 schools throughout the country. It’s supposed to give future students the ability to compare schools based on statistics. However, USC president C. L. Max Nikias was not a big fan. Turns out there’s more to college than just a bunch of stats.
    • The 411: Nikias no likey numbers. Nikias think quality better than quantity.

Campus Leaders

  • College Cost: USG leaders met this week to continue discussing college affordability. The tuition information as well as a student survey sent out by USG on social media reached 36,000 people in less than a week. That’s six times as many people who follow USG. To say it was successful is an understatement.
    • The 411: USG wants to hear from us about college affordability because it’s kind of an important issue facing our generation.

College Life

  • Study Space: Seeing those ominous midterms on the horizon? Here are 5 study spots to help you be productive.
    • The 411: Goodbye, social life! Hello, Facebook!
  • Gameday Garb: Are you a Trojan Fanatic or a Frat Star on gameday? Find out what your style is on the best day of the week… Ever!
    • The 411: There’s no shame in being an Average Tommy. I mean, you probably have the best entourage anyway.

Student Voices

  • Issue: Should universities notify parents of student’s alcohol violations?
    • Point: “Parents, of course, should be part of an open and honest communication with students. But when the school, instead of the student, initiates the conversation, it becomes more punitive and less constructive.” – Sonali Seth, sophomore, DT Editorial Director
    • Counterpoint: “The program does not infantilize students nor excessively punish them; rather, it allows effective communication between students, parents and university administrators to work together to reduce alcohol poisoning and binge drinking.” – Danni Wang, junior, DT Lifestyle Editor
    • The 411: So, better communication or less freedom?


  • Football Gets Real…Maybe: So, we’ve wiped the floor with our first two opponents. Now, the Trojans will face off against the Cardinal. Are they still a formidable rival? We’ll see.
  • Tennis Titans: The men’s and women’s tennis teams have players who are pretty great. They are heading to San Francisco this weekend for the Battle in the Bay Classic. The odds are ever in their favor.
    • The 411: They’ve won five of the last seven national championships. What have you done lately?

Pop Culture

  • Ms. Pope Goes To USC: In case you live under a rock, Kerry Washington visited campus this week to talk to Annenberg students on how to ‘handle’ life.
    • The 411: No, Fitz was not there. Don’t ask me again!


  • Monochromatic: This week, our Multimedia section released the first episode of our new web series, USC Cribs. You can check it out here.

Eli Goodstein is a junior majoring in broadcast and digital journalism. His column, “Eli’s DT 4-1-1,” runs every Friday.