Five must-follow fashion blogs

Flickr/Creative Commons

Flickr/Creative Commons

I have found that one of the greatest qualities of the internet is that it is the proud keeper of the style blogs that define our fashion fantasies. These blogs are the sites we regularly stalk and frequently reference, and a great source of innovation and creativity. Behind each of these lofty URLs are talented bloggers who are fierce icons, inspiring role models and mysterious forces of impeccable style. There’s an endless amount of blogs to explore and discover that are unique in their own way, for the beauty of fashion is that it is an entirely personal and individual form of expression. So, for those of you looking to shake it up and try something new, here’s a roundup of five “under the radar” fashion blogs that are guaranteed to satisfy your sartorial soul:

1. PARI DUST by Pari Ehsan
One of the best, Pari Dust is the triumphant fusion of high fashion and modern art. Created by USC alum and architect-turned-model Pari Ehsan, Pari Dust explores the relationship between color, texture and form to pair carefully curated outfits with gallery and museum masterpieces. It’s a one-of-a-kind production to appreciate not only for its originality, but its dedication to exploring and exposing the crucial relationship between fashion and the arts.

2. GARANCE DORÉ by Garance Doré
Garance Doré is the eponymous style blog by the Parisian “it girl” who wears many hats. Part-time illustrator, photographer and style guru, Garance Doré is the epitome of the alluring French demeanor we all wish was our own. Her site is simple yet amazing; it is honest and relatable, and always has new and interesting ideas, looks and information. Brimming with stellar edits, lifestyle hacks and humorous anecdotes, this blog is the ultimate destination for all things chic.

Characterized by his slogan, “Peepin’ Ain’t Easy,” Phil Oh is the former NYU busboy who made it big completely by accident. He entered the industry with no fashion background or photography skills, and now works part-time for Vogue while running one of the most innovative street style blogs that’s 100 percent international and 100 percent cool. What sets Street Peeper apart is its simple and often overlooked search button. With it, viewers can search any brand, trend or location, and will be presented with an extensive feed of images from across the world linked by that one desired keyword. It’s pretty special, and very inspiring.

4. THE GLAMOURAI by Kelly Framel
The Glamourai is your one stop shop for anything hip and everything glamorous. The Austin-born and NYC-trained Kelly Framel is well-equipped and highly educated in the inner workings of the fashion world, as her eclectic style goes to show. Her site is more than your average style blog; it is a portal into a place where fantasies are truths and daydreams are realities. From captivating mood boards, to easy-to-shop outfits, to must-see travel destinations to irresistible DIYs, The Glamourai is the perfect place to spend your Sunday mornings (or entire Sundays, for that matter).

5.I GO BY FRANKIE by Frédérique Tietcheu
With curated looks from affordable sites like ASOS and Topshop, I Go By Frankie is the ultimate muse for the cool girl on the block. This, of course, is only because Frédérique Tietcheu is exactly that. Based in London and full of life, she is confident and collected with a contagious smile and clothes to match. She wears bright colors, bold prints and emoji-shaped purses. She is resourceful, creative and the coolest of the cool. So, if you’re looking to spice things up, I Go By Frankie has got you covered.