Ask Tiffany: Romantic troubles

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Dear Tiffany, 

So, I met this guy this summer when I was abroad, and we sort of had a fling. Halfway through, I realized he wasn’t the best dude. Handsome? Oh, yes. Boyfriend material? No. However, I still can’t get him out of my brain! I still find myself waiting for his text responses and stalking his Instagram every week. How do I get over this less-than-prince-charming?


Infatuated and Confused

Dear Infatuated and Confused,

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself from thinking about someone who doesn’t deserve the brain capacity. Generally, I do not endorse drastic measures such as deleting exes from social media, but the time has come for you to start actively preventing yourself from checking his profiles. Recognize that he probably will not text you and that it’s for the best. If he does, keep it cordial, but be cautious of being sucked back into the vortex of his influence. Rip the bandaid off. Rip. It. Off.

Keep yourself busy with your life at USC, and maybe you’ll even meet a better dude serendipitously (if not, that’s OK too, Ms./Mr. Independent.) It’s a good first step that you know you want to get over this guy. Someday soon you will realize that you haven’t thought about him for weeks. Looking forward to that day for you.



Tiffany Kuan is a senior majoring in business administration. Her blog advice column, Ask Tiffany, runs every Monday.