Midterm musicals: Power through with four pitch-perfect playlists

Photo courtesy of littleyellowcouch.com

Photo courtesy of littleyellowcouch.com

With midterm season now upon us, it is time to find those perfect playlists to power you through every study session, especially during that semester slump. I’m talking about those playlists that will keep you focused on problem sets and essays, the ones that will almost distract from the fact you’ve missed a week’s worth of TV episodes. I’ve complied the best of 8tracks.com to bring you four playlists, a.k.a. your new favorite study buddies to last your until finals.

Sing-Along Studying:

The playlist “For Studying 2.0” is perfect for the academic who loves to sing along as they work. Featuring instrumental versions of Charlie Puth’s hit singles and the music of Cameron Thomas, the music is relevant and contagious — o much so that you’ll never want to hit pause. efore you know it that essay will be finished.

for studying 2.0 from shelbyhoff on 8tracks Radio.

Keeping it Classic:

Studies have found that listening to classical music while studying enhances memory and productivity. For those that wish to have a side of Mozart with their third coffee of the day, “Classical Studying” is for you. It is a beautiful collection of eight classical tracks to offer that extra brain boost.

Classical Study from thefebpersonalities on 8tracks Radio.

Jazz It Up:

When you want to break out of your usual study mix, jazz is a great way to change things up. Instrumental jazz is never the first genre that comes to mind for studying,but I have found it remarkably calming. Let the soothing sounds of saxophone, muffled drums and skillful keyboard transport you from Leavey to an underground coffee house.

jazz for the afternoon from cesjun2007 on 8tracks Radio.

Electronic Vibes:

We are part of a generation where instrumental music is not necessarily associated with the classical, but with synth and bass instead. For some of us, our brains have acclimated to find these types of tracks more engaging than the traditional piano composition. “Chill Vibes” delivers vibey remixes of Troye Sivan and other indie electronic artists that make you want to power through studying just so you can go out and dance. Finish that problem set and make your way to that hip club in Silver Lake you’ve been dying to check out.

chill vibes from neophobia on 8tracks Radio.