Four time-saving apps for college students

Postmates saves you time by delivering your favorite food right to your door.

Postmates saves you time by delivering your favorite food right to your door.

College students are always trying to maximize their time. Since academics and extracurricular activities consume a majority of our time as students, being able to do as much as we can as efficiently as possible is crucial so we can enjoy other hobbies, too. Here are some free phone apps that will make you more productive and can really come in handy as a college student.

1. Songkick
If you love going to concerts as much as I do, then Songkick is the ideal app for you. Songkick is a great way for you to track your favorite artists when they’re on tour and search for upcoming concerts in your area. You can customize your preferences by selecting your locations or letting Songkick scan your Apple Music, Spotify and Facebook to suggest artists for you. Songkick shows you who is playing, the venue they will be playing at and the time and date of the performance. Not only does Songkick show who will be playing in the area, but the app also sends you notifications for when concert tickets go on sale, allowing you to forget about spending hours searching online, looking for which concert to go to next.

2. Groupon
As college students, we want to do all these fun, miscellaneous activities — but that can be hard to do on a limited budget. Now, that’s possible thanks to Groupon. Groupon is an app that offers promo codes and discounts for various places in the area. Instead of hunting around the internet for deals, Groupon streamlines the process so that you can decide what activity you want to do, and which promotional deals to take advantage of, in minutes. Some services include dining, fitness and spa visits along with many other amenities. You can save your coupons on your online profile and save them for later or search for more coupons in the app. Exploring L.A. has just gotten a lot easier — and cheaper!

3. Postmates
Forget the tedious calls and busy phone lines, food delivery has been revolutionized now that Postmates is available at the touch of a button for hungry customers. Unlike other local delivery services such as Tapingo and Envoy, Postmates is a 24-hour service that delivers for a wide range of restaurants and stores outside the USC parameter. Their efficiency in delivering food to you in under an hour is unmatched. In addition, Postmates features smart tracking in which you can see the location of your Postmate in real time while he or she is bringing the food to you.

4. Evernote
Evernote is the perfect app for organizing school work. Evernote is a note taking app that allows people to effectively sort their notes and share them with others without closing the app. It also allows you to attach web clips onto the note. Not only is Evernote suitable for individual work, but it can also be used for group projects. Evernote has a chat option where people can simultaneously collaborate on projects and take notes??.

These  free apps are only a few of many apps that can accommodate to your specific interests while increasing productivity. Try them out and see what you think.