Cymbal is changing the interface of music and social media


Cymbal is a new app by Anthem Labs that has beenout since May 1 that is changing the way we listen to music.

It allows users to pick songs that they are listening to at the moment and have friends discuss the song by liking and commenting on it.

Put more simply, Cymbal is the Instagram for music. The interface and design are very similar, but the function very different. As you scroll through the home page, you will find songs that users feel are defining their lives. You can listen to the entire song and then determine if it is worth liking or commenting on. These songs are presented in the same way as Instagram, but instead of photos, users see the corresponding album art.

For those of you trying to expand your horizons and discover new music, Cymbal is a must have. Because it allows you to see the tastes and preferences of your friends — and many other users, musicians and bands — you are able to be introduced to music you would have never thought of listening to before.  

In the new trend of social media and music — as found in apps like Spotify and SoundCloud — Cymbal is a nice refresher. It has a more modern interface and style, making it easy to navigate while maintaining its viability.  Cymbal still retains “liking,” “commenting,” and “hashtagging” from other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, while at the same time being new and unique.

On the bottom of the app interface, there are five different options. One option allows you to add a new song to your profile that is “soundtracking your life right now.” The other four allow you to search for hashtags and people, see your notifications, see your profile — almost exactly the same as on Instagram and see the main feed where you can listen and comment on content that other users have posted.  

Cymbal is an easy and navigable app that fosters the sharing and discovery of music among all. Because of that I give this app a five out of five and, according to iTunes, so do a lot of new users.