NOISE event promises to integrate many backgrounds

Night of Inspirational and Soulful Expression, otherwise known as NOISE, hosted by USC’s Saved By Grace Gospel Choir, is an annual evening of artistry that focuses on displaying the talent present in the USC community. The event will include an opening act by the gospel choir, followed by performances from passionate students all over campus with acts including singing, spoken word, monologues and dance.

“NOISE is a night to inspire fellow Trojans,” said Ashley Siris, co-director of Saved By Grace. “Through spoken word, original songs and new interpretations of popular songs, NOISE gives Trojans a platform to freely express themselves and allows those who witness the event to share in a spiritually moving experience while here at USC.”

Though hosted by a gospel choir, NOISE is open to people of all races, religions and walks of life. Additionally, NOISE is a an event that touches on various topics, including issues relating to social justice; however, it focuses primarily on the meaningful expression of oneself, whether or not topics are related to social issues.

“All types of expression are welcome and displayed in our show. The USC student body is also socially conscious so we do have acts that speak out on the injustices that are present nationally and internationally,” said Saved By Grace member Ify Anene. “However, what ultimately determines the selection of certain acts within our show is if we see that it reflects soulful and truthful expression of oneself.”

The Saved By Grace Gospel Choir is the only gospel choir at USC that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. The musical ensemble was founded in 1998 under the name USC Gospel Choir. A student organization under the Black Student Assembly, the gospel choir aims to “raise Christian awareness through worship and spiritual fellowship.”

The choir performs every year at various campus events such as Trojan Family Weekend, SChristian Connection and the Black and Latino Symposium. In the past, the group has released records such as 15 Years of Music & Ministry, a compilation of two modern arrangements of classic church hymns.

With the purpose of inspiring and connecting people together, this night of soulful expression will be an event that will leave a lasting impression on the USC community. Not only does it open the student body’s eyes to the wealth of talent here on campus, but it also connects completely different individuals together to hear about universal themes and meaningful topics. The NOISE event is an opportunity for students to participate in an exciting night of expression and diversity, while supporting talented gospel choir singers in the community.

NOISE will take place Wednesday at Ground Zero Performance Café from 7-9 p.m.