Ask Tiffany: Gobsmacked by lip-smacking ex

Katlyn Lee | Daily Trojan

Katlyn Lee | Daily Trojan

Dear Tiffany,

My high school boyfriend and I both chose to attend USC, but we broke up right before the beginning of freshman year. Four years later, I have an amazing boyfriend, and see my ex fairly often. Recently, my interactions with my ex have become a little weird. I saw him making out with a girl the other night and I felt … I don’t know exactly how I felt, but it definitely made me uncomfortable. I love my boyfriend, but I don’t know how to explain what’s going on with my ex. Is it wrong to feel this way?

— 21 and Confused

This weird feeling toward your ex doesn’t necessarily mean you still pine for him. Though you have a different boyfriend now, your ex is still someone with whom you shared some good times during a recent part of your life. Seeing him macking on some stranger is a very jarring affirmation that he has moved on. It is normal to have a confusing emotional response to your surprise encounter, and I am confident you’ll think about it less and less with time. Your high school relationship ended for a reason and now you have someone else to love!

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