(Not So) Tricky Turtlenecks

With L.A. in the midst of a cold front, it is perfectly acceptable for Californians to hop on fall’s turtleneck trend. Once viewed as an item reserved for soccer moms and librarians, high-necked tops have transcended not only this year’s runways, but also popular culture. From Valentino to Drake, everyone is on board with turtlenecks. However, for the average college student, it can be difficult to style them without falling into one of those classic stereotypes. Find out how to wear this fall favorite below.\

Cozy up in a sweater and jeans
A style perfect for L.A.’s moderate climate, this turtleneck walks the line between early fall and full on winter. The tank-top style contrast the warm knit material, making it perfect to pair with a jacket on chillier days. Turtlenecks also look great with jeans to keep the vibe more laidback even when the high neckline says stuffy and conservative.

Asos New Look Roll Neck Sleeveless Tabard $36.00

Asos New Look Roll Neck Sleeveless Tabard $36.00

A Layering Gem
Thanks to turtlenecks you can turn those summer dresses into suitable winter wear. Opt for thinner turtlenecks made of cotton or nylon material that will serve as neutral base for a patterned dress. I love this simple knit from Zara because the ribbing and embellished sleeves offer a bit more personality to an otherwise plain piece.

Zara Polo Neck Sweater $29

Zara Polo Neck Sweater $29

For An Evening Out
Who says turtlenecks aren’t meant for the club? If the Hotline Bling video is any indication, Drake certainly doesn’t. This season, designers have gotten creative with turtleneck-wear, including implementing the style into eveningwear. This ribbed dress from Nastygal is a perfect example of how to wear a turtleneck out when you don’t want to deal with losing your jacket at a party. The simplicity of the dress also allows you to have fun with accessories. Pair it with a statement necklace or channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a headband.  

Nasty Gal Somebody to Love Ribbed Turtleneck Dress $40.60

Nasty Gal Somebody to Love Ribbed Turtleneck Dress

The Classic
The oversized turtleneck sweater will never go out of style. It is a tried and true classic every collegiate can keep in their closet. Similar to its short-sleeved counterpart, throw it on over jeans and your favorite knee high boots for a classy yet comfortable classroom outfit. You can also layer the opposite way by throwing it over a dress or skirt. But to be honest my favorite use for this classic is in the comfort of my bedroom, paired with some well-worn sweatpants. You feel like a cozy burrito, and really, what is better than that?

Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Harley Shirttail Turtleneck Sweater $69

Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Harley Shirttail Turtleneck Sweater