Victim killed in non-USC shooting near campus

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of shots fired Tuesday night at Jesse Brewer Park at the intersection of Vermont and Exposition Boulevard. The suspect fled on the Metro and was taken into custody by the Sheriff’s Department shortly after. One victim, not affiliated with the University,  suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to the hospital, where they passed away, Department of Public Safety Deputy Chief David Carlisle said.

Both the shooter and the victim have no connection to USC. DPS issued a Trojan Alert to students and faculty in case the LAPD investigation caused an increase in traffic at the intersection. However, there was never a cause to issue a campus lockdown.

“There was an investigation at the crime scene so we expected that the area would be impacted,” Carlisle said. “We were told early on that the suspect had fled and that later on he was captured so at no time did we see a direct threat to USC.”

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  1. GeorgeCurious
    GeorgeCurious says:

    Hmm, somebody gets shot and killed across the street from the campus and that is not reason enough for a lockdown. Way to go, DPS.

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