I’m a feminist, whether you approve of it or not

Noorhan Maamoon

Some weeks I find it difficult to write this column. I’m not ashamed of saying out loud that I’m a feminist, but being in a constantly combative state of mind is exhausting. Sometimes, I’m too tired to say “that’s sexist” because that invites an inevitable flood of comments about how feminists can’t take a joke. […]

Free speech should counter free speech

Last week, an Undergraduate Student Government Senator was disciplined in part because he helped bring a conservative writer to campus in his capacity as president of the USC College Republicans. The same week, the same group brought another conservative author to campus, sparking protests and a column in the Daily Trojan critical of the author’s […]

Has the Bush dynasty finally come to an end?

Lily Vaughan

On Wednesday, former GOP favorite Florida Gov. Jeb Bush picked himself up, dusted off his tailored suit and turned back to public speaking after a less than stellar performance on the campaign trail, according to the Wall Street Journal. Going into the 2016 presidential race, Bush was the GOP favorite. Third in the line of […]

Six boba places to visit around USC

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably heard of bubble tea — or boba as they call it here in SoCal. It’s a cold, sweet drink with a creamy tea base and chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. This trendy drink comes in hundreds of flavors. It is typically made with a black or green tea […]

#TBT to senior year of high school

Last week, admissions letters for USC’s class of 2020 were sent out. Cardinal and gold envelopes were mailed all around the country — even around the world, and hopeful applicants tore them open to see if they had received an invitation to become a Trojan. Admission to USC’s freshman class was more selective than ever […]

Reports: Julian Jacobs to declare for NBA draft

The men’s basketball team has already lost one starter and two bench players, and now they may be down one of their most versatile pieces. Guard Julian Jacobs, who just finished his junior season at USC, told the Los Angeles Times that he will declare for the NBA draft. He has not hired an agent, […]

Twelve Pentatonix selections to love

  Pentatonix became famous after debuting on the Sing Off show, winning our hearts while they were at it. They’ve taken the a capella world by storm with their incredible arrangements, beautiful voices and stunning talent since 2011. With their upcoming show at the Microsoft Theater on May 1, here are a few ideas for […]