Ask Tiffany: Friends’ Facebook ruse lead to freshmen blues

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Salus Liang | Daily Trojan

I’m a freshman, and I’m still struggling to find my TiffanyKuanheadshotgroup of friends here. It’s difficult because on Facebook and Instagram I see all my friends from high school having so much fun at their own schools with their new friends, and I have nothing really to compete with. I’m afraid that this school wasn’t for me — but I don’t want to transfer.

Research has shown that spending time on Facebook can lead to depressive feelings because of social comparisons (Steers, Wickham, Acitelli, 2014). Considering your social life a “competition” probably makes this worse too.

As a senior, I have met many more of my classmates than I knew as a freshman. You’d be astounded by the level of intelligence, quirk and general dopeness some of your peers have, and the crazy shenanigans they are involved in — coding apps, balancing music careers and writing novels, just to name a few.  There are organizations, both officially and otherwise, for everyone. Your people are here somewhere, you just have to find them. I wouldn’t write USC off just yet.

Expand your social horizons sophomore year and see how it goes. If you still feel like USC isn’t for you, transfer. Both the academic and social aspects of college are important and, let’s be real, this school is too expensive to not enjoy your experience.

Tiffany Kuan is a senior majoring in business administration. Her blog advice column, Ask Tiffany, runs every Monday.

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