It’s hard to say goodbye

A little more than four years ago, while cruising down PCH with my mother and sister, I got my first glimpse of it. The scene was set: sun shining, wind blowing, ocean on the horizon. The beauty of Mother Nature around me complemented the allure of what sat right in front of me — a fresh […]

Wearing a headscarf is a symbol of freedom

Noorhan Maamoon

When I first stepped onto the USC campus on a scorching day in mid-August of 2015, I never expected to be a spokeswoman of sorts for Islam and the hijab. Would I have reconsidered transferring to USC had I known that people thought I was making a political statement by wearing a hijab? No, but […]

Next semester, renew student involvement

Today marks the last issue of the Daily Trojan this semester. To most, this doesn’t mean much, but to me — as today marks the end of three columns, four semesters with the Daily Trojan and two semesters as its editorial director — it carries intense emotional consequences that somehow feels like a closure to […]