VIDEO: “Pokemon Go” game allows players to explore LA

With Psyducks and other water types swimming in Santa Monica Pier, Jigglypuffs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Geodudes randomly popping up in neighborhoods, there’s no doubt that Los Angeles is a popular breeding ground for all aspiring Pokemon masters. In the popular smartphone app, players go out to the real world to catch virtual Pokemon.

Since its release on July 6, “Pokemon Go” has been one of the most addictive and in-demand games in the world. Whether it’s walking around and helping each other out or participating in friendly competition, the revolutionary game has brought people all over the world together to bond over aimless watching and virtual creature catching.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, the game has programmed Pokemon to appear in areas with high cell phone traffic. This feature makes it easy for players to catch them in places that are more populated.

When one appears, the player throws virtual Poke Balls at it to catch it. The most Pokemon playersone can collect by default so far is 250, but the numbers increase with every upgrade that is purchased using Pokecoins. Users who enjoy the game find that it’s possible to kill two birds with one stone — visit fun and popular spots in Los Angeles as well as visit prime Pokemon breeding grounds.

Areas near the coastline are brimming with water-type Pokemon. With Metro’s new Expo Line extension, students can visit Santa Monica Pier easily. After a day of Pokemon hunting and shopping on the 3rd Street Promenade, Caribbean restaurant Cha Cha Chicken, which boasts delectable enchiladas, is an excellent place to visit for dinner.

Marine Park in Santa Monica has been known to have rare Hitmonlees. More Pokemon are available in the middle of the night, a good time period for creatures that take longer to spawn  to appear.

Echo Park Lake is another breathtaking location to enjoy the city, ride a paddle boat and catch Pokemon. After enjoying the water and the great outdoors, players can go to Square One at the Boathouse for homemade pastries, Intelligentsia coffee and vegan-friendly menu items like French toast with maple cream.

Another great place for Pokemon nests is the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum on Wilshire Boulevard. Doubling as a fossil site and an art museum, visitors will find the exhibits on the Ice Age and the collection of over 3.5 million fossils extremely fascinating. In the Pleistoscene Garden, players will be able to find the adorable and fiery Ponyta as well as other another rare animals.

Pokestops are a feature in the game, located at significant spots of an area such as statues or public buildings. Players stop at these destinations to stock up on free items like Poke Balls and potions. Players can also go to gyms to battle their newly caught friends with other users. Almost every major building at the University is a Pokestop, including Tommy Trojan and the School of Cinematic Arts. Two gyms that are easy to identify are the Felix Chevrolet dealership on the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street, and the intersection of Jefferson Boulevard and Hoover Street.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art are some other destinations to enjoy in Los Angeles alongside the virtual game. After admiring the art on the screen, one can look up and find the spectacular art that these well-known museums have to offer. You might see a Pikachu at the lamp posts at Urban Light, a couple of Pidgeys in the noodles of the Penetrable exhibit or just some hanging around the block.

“Pokemon Go” is not only a great tool for exercise, but also a great way for players to find a community among strangers and Pokemon lovers when hunting . Beyond these benefits, the game truly allows its players to continue exploring new sights on campus and in the greater Los Angeles area all while connecting with their inner child.