The intimate relationship between meat and masculinity

In the ancient Greek mythological text, Theogony, Hesiod narrates the coming of Gods into the universe that was originally in a state of chaos. Within this chaos comes a series of stable, analogous, mutually constitutive antitheses. These antitheses — night vs. day, human vs. divine and disorder vs. order (to name a few) can be […]

Facebook ad policies cripple open discourse

Facebook is relatively transparent about why you see certain advertisements. Any user can go into “Ad Preferences” and see how Facebook targets its ads. For example, Facebook thinks I will be interested in, and therefore more likely to click on, ads that concern Beyoncé, Postmates and irony. The New York Times  this week brought to […]

By Chloe hits LA

Calling all vegans, vegetarians, food-lovers or east-coast natives: the infamous By Chloe (which has been featured in Vogue, The Food Network, PopSugar, Nylon and the New York Times) has come to LA – and let me tell you, it’s here to stay. With two locations in NYC (and two more on the way!), and two […]

Current coaches not fit for big games

I don’t think Clay Helton can beat Alabama. Of course, it won’t be just Helton out there on Saturday against the Crimson Tide. It’s not a chess match between him and Nick Saban. Coaches can only do so much. But I don’t think Helton is the kind of coach who will lead USC to victory […]