Vegan food in LA: Pressed Juicery – Freeze

Photo Courtesy of Annie Hickey

Photo Courtesy of Annie Hickey

I chose probably the worst time to go vegan in my entire life – a month into my freshman year at college. I mean, seriously? Did I actually consider the fact that I had to eat out of the on campus dining halls…..? Clearly not, and I quickly realized that living off peanut butter toast and sugary granola with soy milk wasn’t so sustainable…

That said, I was more motivated by my decision to go vegan than I was by EVK’s way-too-cheesy-cheese-pizza, and begun to expand my sources of affordable vegan food around LA.

And wow, did I find a lot!

So, without further ado, it’s time I spread this love onto all you vegan/vegetarian/foodies here at USC! Every two weeks I will bring to you another amazing location of vegan food right here in LA for you to go out and enjoy for yourself!

To start things off with a bang, I did as I always do: dessert first.

Introducing, Pressed Juicery – Freeze!

Yes, Juice Press has now created a frozen juice bar, where you can get all your greens or chocolatey juices in fro-yo style, with healthy toppings such as granola, berries, coconut flakes, cacao syrup and so much more…

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Photo Courtesy of Annie Hickey

These treats are super affordable (I know, ‘pressed juices’ have a reputation for being so overpriced, but these desserts are seriously worth every penny), and they’re so good for you, too! All the ingredients used are those that would be in their actual juices (i.e., cleansing and delicious), plus you can top it and design it however you like!!

Unfortunately, not all the Pressed Juicery locations are equipped with the incredible Freeze machines, but given our steaming hot weather right now (sorry, is it Summer?), I can 100% guarantee that you will not regret making the effort!

All of the Freeze locations are listed here!

So go off, enjoy your desserts, take some totally Instagram-worthy snaps, make everyone jealous, and keep an eye out for the next location of delicious cruelty-free indulgences!