Sips Tea: How To Spice Up Your Vocabulary and Your Life

Photo courtesy of Lucia Vaughn

Photo courtesy of Lucia Vaughn

Now that I am comfortably back on my couch and not experiencing level five road rage during my commute from work in West Hollywood to Downtown, let’s all take a deep inhale and a sip of our tea.

This week saw me in crisis mode. From preparing for three midterms I had this week to contemplating a total career change, let’s just say I will most definitely be sippin’ on something this Saturday at the game to congratulate myself for making it through yet another stressful week of my senior year at USC. And although I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off (no Chick-fil-A), when I sat down to write this article I found myself with little to say.

Rather than bore you with how to’s about successful studying, I figured being six weeks into my blog some of you are probably still Urban Dictionary-ing some of the words I use to no avail.

So, if you want to stop being a Plain Jane, here’s your chance.

Peepin’ or Creepin’ (verb)

Origin: Probably the OG of the coined phrases. We’ve all shamelessly helped a friend stalk a new crush on social media, looked at a passerby for a couple seconds too long just to determine if their outfit was cute or not, or have had an uncomfortable experience where you got stared down in the street.

Used in a sentence: “You are slaying tonight girl! Everyone is looking at you.”

Peepin’ or creepin’ though?”

Too Turnt Tina  (noun)  

Origin: A person that has had too much to drink and is then subsequently lost in the sauce. Also known as a spaghetti/limp noodle friend. Not affiliated with Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

Used in a sentence: “I have an 8:00 AM tomorrow, so I’m not trying to be a Too Turnt Tina tonight.”

We Peaceful (adjective)

Origin: We’ve all had an experience when someone did us dirty, but we chose to take the high road. This phrase is used to describe a state of mind in which one is at ease about something or simply gives no F***s.  

Used in a sentence: “I noticed a girl at the club wearing the same dress as me, but we peaceful. We all know who wore it better.”

Getting Your Shmoney/Coins/Checks Up (verb)   

Origin: Inspired by the one and only Miss Cardi B of Love and Hip Hop New York. The act of getting your “shmoney” (i.e. money, dollars, coins, checks) up is when you are on your grind at work trying to glow up rather than focusing on nonsense.

Used in a sentence: “I worked two jobs over the summer trying to get my shmoney up.

Printer Paper Chick  (noun, adjective)   

Origin: Someone who has no spice to them whatsoever. They are as boring as an unseasoned piece of chicken. If you know a girl who has no personality, no sense of style, and probably can’t hold a conversation unless it’s about SoulCycle, Cartier bracelets, or how she plans to sell tea on Instagram as a career, then you have a printer paper chick in your midst.

Used in a sentence: “All Sally listens to is Top 40. She’s a printer paper chick for sure. Not lit!”


Honestly, I should consider writing my own version of Webster’s Dictionary because the amount of words and phrases I’ve coined could fill a book.

Also, I’d like to add a shameless plug to my two cousins, Lux, who just put out their newest mixtape, Hightide II, on SoundCloud. Talk about a way with words. I expect to hear tailgate speakers boomin’ this weekend. Everyone go peep it!

Samantha Johnson is a senior majoring in communication. Her blog column, Sips Tea, runs every Friday.