USC needs to lower its goals for this season

I’m not a fan of making comparisons in sports, whether it’s between players, coaches or teams. It’s absurd to compare players (LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan) or teams (the 72-win Chicago Bulls vs. the 73-win Golden State Warriors) who played in completely different time periods. But here’s one similarity that’s fair to point out across […]

Oh Wonder amazes audience in sold-out show

On Sept. 28, 2015, Oh Wonder performed their first-ever American show to a crowd of just under 250 people. Exactly one year later, the duo performed a sold-out show Wednesday at The Wiltern to a crowd of over 2,300. It is crazy the difference a year can make — that was a big theme of […]

The best thing to wear is confidence

False eyelashes are the equivalent to the killer leather jacket or pair of shoes you need to wear when dressing up — simple on its own, yet capable of turning you from “clean” to “on-point.” Better yet, accessories like these not only make you look good, but also feel good. So when my dear friend […]

Increase diversity in STEM industries

A recent article from the USC News website highlighted a nonprofit mentorship program entitled Teens Exploring Technology, which is making great strides in inspiring young minority males to pursue careers in technology. It has technology and coding programs, some of which meet at USC over the summer, which aim to teach young men the leadership, professional […]

The binge drinking culture starts and ends with us

USC might have a drinking problem. Yesterday, we published an article, “To the Brim: How USC is fighting a stubborn culture of binge drinking,” detailing the ways the University hopes to stem the tide of dangerous drinking behavior that is putting students’ lives at risk. Based on numbers collected from a 2014-2015 AlcoholEdu Impact Report, […]

Putting the “study” in “study abroad”

Most people who study abroad don’t do it for the academics. They do it to expand their horizons in other ways — to travel, to live independently, and to immerse themselves in another culture. But there’s another compelling reason to study abroad, and that’s to be a student of another place — of another institution, of another […]