Osa Masina should be indefinitely suspended

Former Stanford swimmer and convicted rapist Brock Turner is set to be released from prison Friday after a brief three-month stint behind bars for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman. The case, which jump-started a media firestorm calling for harsher sentences for convicted sexual predators, began an important discussion of  the double standard university […]

Dating comes with a side of racial profiling

I have never truly been “single,” unless you want to count middle school and any time before that. Middle school Danielle — brace-faced, basketball shorts everyday — was the definition of #singleAF. So until everyone starts considering their middle school Xanga relationships as serious ones, I’m not counting. Up until the most recent season of my […]

Lessons learned at FYF Fest

This past weekend, I found myself at FYF Fest. The music festival, which also happened to be right in USC’s backyard at Exposition Park, was exceptional, yet also rather challenging, as I treaded the event partially in a wheelchair and partially on crutches. I didn’t let a torn ACL stop me from experiencing one of the […]

Academia Nuts: Introducing A New Column On USC Research

At the University of Southern California, there are a few different incarnations of prestige. They reside in athletic tradition, celebrity donations, high-profile speakers, a couple of stellar undergraduate programs, and USC’s status as a top-tier research institution. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is illustrative of how we measure worth at our school. […]