Police pursuing leads in robbery string near USC

The Department of Public Safety is assisting the Los Angeles Police Department in investigating multiple robberies that occurred near campus in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A group of men robbed two USC students, attempted to rob a third and physically assaulted a fourth. Between 1:20 a.m. and 2:35 a.m., the men approached a student near the 3000 block of Figueroa Street and intimidated him into giving up his property.

They then unsuccessfully tried to rob another student, who was able to alert a nearby security officer. The suspects then attacked and robbed a third student on 28th St. In a final incident, the suspects assaulted a fourth student and fled in a grey SUV Porsche Cayenne.

Although no robbery occurred in the assault incident, the description of the assailants given by the victim was consistent with the suspects from the previous incidents.

The first suspect was described as 5’8”, 160-pound black male in his early 20s; the second as a 5’10”, 190-pound black male in his early 20s; the third as a 5’8”, 190-pound, 28-year-old black male; and the fourth as a 5’8”, 170-pound, 23-year-old black male. They were not observed to be carrying weapons.

The car that they escaped in after the fourth incident was registered to California, bearing the license plate 5TKS145.

The LAPD requests that anyone with information relevant to the crime notify DPS or the LAPD Southwest Division.