I Got 99 Problems, But A Registration Date Ain’t One

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Lim

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Lim

I actually wore a sweater this week! Finally. But it was a short-lived celebration that quickly resulted in what would be a classic scene from Punk’d. Although Ashton Kutcher wasn’t there to personally laugh at me, the overcast clouds clearing out before noon was indication enough that I had made the wrong outfit choice.

We are already halfway through October and still experiencing hot summer weather. I normally would not complain about it, but I left my high school in Arizona to avoid the heat and it seems to have followed me. But while the weather might not be quite as I would like it, something that is nearly perfect is my schedule of classes for next spring – my last semester of classes at USC. (No pressure!)

That might not have been the smoothest transition, but hey, we have to keep it pushin’ when I only have 600 words to wrap this all up for you guys like a Chipotle burrito.

Being a senior, I’m constantly stressed out. But that’s nothing new. I’ve always been a nervous Nancy. SOS! Now it’s just on a new level – Am I working enough hours? Am I involved enough on campus? Am I networking enough? And the most recent: Am I picking the best classes I can to register for?

We all know the popular classes are the first to fill up and it hasn’t been until this year that I had a prime registration date: Halloween! Guess it’s a treat, not a trick on me. I won’t reveal too many details about my future class schedule because I don’t want to induce a registration frenzy and then be left in the dust. I have one more class I have to take to complete my major, which means that my other 14-16 units can be filled with electives (A.K.A. classes you hope will be easy and interesting, but you still have to write a paper or two and take a final in).

I have always wanted to take a psychology class, so I intend to take not one but two of the most popular ones next semester, in addition to the film symposium class where you get to watch movies weeks before they release to the public. It felt like a “two birds, one stone” type of deal. I get my class credits and I get to see movies for the free 99 – and we all know L.A. Live ain’t cheap. Sign me up!

I’m also debating taking yoga and a class about redesigning my life so I can reach my creative potential. All of them sound very fun and interesting and after surviving Earthquakes and Planet Earth as my science GE’s I more than deserve it. Readers and registers beware: Typically the only people that pass those classes with anything more than a C are the kids that won the Science Fair for designing some machine that defies the laws of physics. You also have to take a two-hour bus ride to JPL and the site of fault lines (information you’ll never use after you graduate) and because I took both these earth-related classes, I had to go twice. Three words: No Me Gusta!

My only saving grace that day was the fact that I was still drunk from an outing my old roommate and I had gone on the night before. Rocks and nature can be pretty interesting when you’re under the influence, but if not, you better have a pension for peridotite. Awww, memories.

So to anyone registering soon, may the odds be ever in your favor. And freshmen…well, your time will come.

Samantha Johnson is a senior majoring in communication. Her blog column, Sips Tea, runs every Friday.