Megan’s Midterms Survival Guide

Midterm season has begun! Although it feels like we have only been in school for a couple of days, the reality is that we are halfway finished with the Fall semester. I know that when I flipped the page in my weekly planner yesterday my heart quite literally skipped a beat. Three midterms in the same week? Impossible. I frantically checked all of my syllabi only to have my worst nightmare confirmed. Even though I most definitely did panic, you don’t have to! Instead of studying for my own midterms, I have conducted research and created the ultimate stress relieving list for midterms. Ace your midterms and control your stress this season!

  1. EAT: I am not talking about eating junk food and stress eating. Instead, I am highly suggesting eating three balanced meals each day. They should include plenty of protein so that you have energy and are able to stay focused while studying. If you are more of a snacker, I definitely suggest snacking on almonds.
  2. RELAX: This is easier said than done. After all, who has time to relax in college? I have found that it is extremely useful to combine my relaxation with something that I already have to do. Try taking a hot bath or shower and turn on “Spa Radio” on Spotify. Or, better yet, pop a bath bomb into your bath for ultimate relaxation.
  3. REDUCE YOUR STRESS: Petting animals is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. At USC, we often have therapy dogs located around campus that are there for you to pet!
  4. STUDY: This one is pretty obvious, but it is important to actually study for your midterms. Find a quiet place where you can focus, I suggest a library on campus, and just study. Bring water and snacks so that you aren’t tempted to take a “short break.”

Stay happy and healthy during this season of midterms! Best of luck to all.