CollegeHumor’s Jake and Amir record a live podcast at Bovard

Students filled Bovard Auditorium to listen to a live recording of the hit CollegeHumor “Jake and Amir” podcast on Tuesday evening. The event, hosted by the USC Undergraduate Student Government Speakers Committee, featured comedians Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, who recently started an advice podcast titled “If I Were You.”

Halfway through the recording of the podcast, the comedians took a break and took questions from the audience regarding relationships, selfies and hypothetical situations.

Elizabeth Bricker, the director of the USG Special Events Committee, said they received a positive reaction from people, many of whom were fans of the CollegeHumor series in high school, on the event’s Facebook page.

“It has a huge fanbase, kind of a cult following,” Bricker said. “We’ve gotten a great response among all of their fans interacting with each other on the Facebook page, which is cool, with inside jokes about the series.”

Bricker, a senior majoring in East Asian languages and cultures, said that the planning of the event took extra consideration because of the size of the venue.

“It usually takes about six weeks when you bring a speaker to campus, but because it’s at Bovard Auditorium, there’s a lot more that goes into it because Bovard’s our biggest venue on campus,” Bricker said.

Audience members varied in terms of their familiarity with the duo. Isabella Smith, a junior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering, said she’s more of a casual fan.

“I’ve seen a few of their videos and I’m also in USG so I knew this was happening and I was really excited that I was able to come,” Smith said.

Nav Pillai, a junior studying computer science, said he’s a big fan of the comedians.

“I’ve listened to all of their podcast episodes and I’m a fan of their videos so I thought it was a cool opportunity that popped up.”

Pillai said he expected the event to be either a hit or a miss.

“Either they gel with the crowd a lot or they just bomb sometimes, and I don’t know which one I want to see more,” Pillai said.

The podcast episode will air on a later date on Hurwitz and Blumenfeld’s new podcast network, Headgum.