Show Me the Coffee: Found Coffee

As a coffee enthusiast, I find myself traversing Los Angeles in search of a coffee shop that satisfies my taste buds, as well as aesthetic needs. Situated in Eagle Rock, California, Found Coffee opened its gates to a caffeinated promise land.

The abundance of succulents and carrera marble countertops transported me to realm of endless Pinterest boards.The exposed wooden ceiling beams and light fixtures added a sense of warmth and texture to the space. As soft rock played in the background, customers seemed enraptured by their novels. With these Barnes & Noble enthusiasts, I quickly felt at home at Found Coffee.  

Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by an exuberant barista, who promptly asked for my order. Three must-have drinks were strongly recommended: a vanilla latte, a mocha and a chai latte.

Lara Sassounian | Daily Trojan

The vanilla latte had the soothing effect of a warm hug on a cold winter’s day. The vanilla and espresso shot were perfectly balanced, as well as a sweet raisin aftertaste. This vanilla latte was one of the most delicious lattes I have ever had, and would surely order again.

The mocha had dark chocolate and woody undertones that can best be described as, “a grownup hot chocolate.” This satisfying drink was definitely the heaviest of the three, as well as the most rewarding to drink.

Lara Sassounian | Daily Trojan

Lara Sassounian | Daily Trojan

Lastly, the chai latte was the embodiment of everyone’s favorite Christmas candle. Initially sweet, the spicy cinnamon adds a deeper flavor profile.

On its website, Found Coffee describes itself as “a gathering place for Angelenos to enjoy specialty coffee, tea, pastries and each other’s company.” Found Coffee delivers on its promise and executes drinks that comfort and soothe. Good coffee is not only about taste. Rather, truly good coffee leaves the consumer with a smile.

Overall Grade: A

Lara Sassounian is a junior majoring in art history. Her column, Show Me The Coffee, runs every other week on Monday.