USG campaign sanctioned after elections hearing

The Undergraduate Student Government campaign of Austin Dunn and Morgan Monahan has received two strikes resulting from complaints filed by the other two tickets, according to transcripts from an elections hearing released Tuesday.

USC researchers develop crime mapping project

Students and researchers at USC’s Spatial Science Institute are helping Los Angeles officials address crime in the city using data and location services. The project, titled “A Spatial Analysis of Street-level Crime Trends in L.A,” focuses on exploring how the locations of crimes are related to social and built environments using GeoHub, a mapping platform […]

COLUMN: Podcasts: The perfect runner’s playlist

People are literally born with the ability to run. As exhausting as running a few miles sounds, the most difficult part of the sport is actually the mental aspect. Sure, there are no plays and no rules to memorize, but it does require strategy, mental toughness and above all, the ability to fend off boredom. […]