The 4 Best Flavors at Salt & Straw

If you live in Los Angeles and like ice cream, you’ve probably heard of Salt & Straw. The name has become more relevant as a new flagship store popped up in the Arts District just last fall. Instead of venturing to Venice or Studio City, USC students can now get this delicious treat Downtown.

Salt & Straw originated in Portland and has expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco. They make small batch ice cream made from local farm-sourced ingredients. Salt & Straw is not like any other ice cream. People frequent this artisanal ice cream shop for its unconventional, inventive flavors like Pear and Blue Cheese. The first time I went to Salt & Straw, I was overwhelmed by the long list of flavor choice. So, below is a list of four delicious choices for those who need some guidance.

Photo courtesy of Citizine

Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons

The salt, Fleur de Sel, in this ice cream is top of the line. The salt was created with the help of Mark Bitterman, who owns a salt shop in Portland and even wrote a book called Salted. The combination of salt with hand-burned caramel made in house is what makes this flavor one of Salt & Straw’s most popular.  

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Almond Brittle with Salted Chocolate Ganache

The shop makes their almond brittle in house. Then chunks of salted ganache are added into the the into creamy vanilla ice cream. This flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Both of the flavors are intense but complement each other extremely well. 

Photo courtesy of The Culture Trip

Lavender Honey

Some people may have reservations about an ice cream flavor that also sounds like a dish soap. Don’t be afraid because this is one of Salt & Straw’s tastiest flavors. The shop steeps the lavender petals in honey to extract the perfect floral flavor. The ice cream is a light purple color and tastes sweet, creamy and unique.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper

Black pepper and balsamic in ice cream? Salt & Straw finds a way to make this taste absolutely incredible. This flavor uses fresh strawberries, high quality balsamic and black pepper from Pohnpei, one of the finest pepper producers of the world. The result is a delicious flavor.