2017 USG Election Guide

Voting begins this week for USC’s next student leaders. Check out all of our election coverage and get to know the candidates below.

Letter from the Editor

USC’s Undergraduate Student Government oversees a budget of approximately $2.3 million each year. The official governing body for 19,000 students, comprised of six branches and more than 120 members, holds tremendous influence over numerous aspects of campus life. During the past two academic years, USG has negotiated legislation to ban smoking on campus, extend the add/drop deadline for classes and partner with Uber to provide students with free rides.

In last year’s USG elections, only 3,162 students cast ballots — a measly 19 percent of the eligible voting population. Why do so few students seem to care about a governing system with such sway over their undergraduate experience? Our staff at the Daily Trojan sought to examine this and other pressing questions about civic engagement, political persuasion and diversity in student government at USC.

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Catherine Yang | Daily Trojan

Getting Out the Vote

  • Any undergraduate student, part-time or full-time, can vote in the election.
  • Voters will cast their ballot for USG President, Vice President, and Senators. There are 12 elected senators that represent Commuter, Greek, and Residential constituencies.
  • Voting takes place Feb. 7-9. Students can either vote online or in person.
  • Students who vote in person at the polls at Tommy Trojan will get free food and chances to win prizes like Air + Style tickets and ZipCar memberships. Find out more on the Facebook event.

Meet the campaign managers that are working behind the scenes of the election.

Julia Erickson | Daily Trojan
Running the show · Paul Breslin, a junior majoring in health and human sciences, serves as the campaign manager for the Austin-Morgan ticket. Breslin met Morgan Monahan through Society 53.

Julia Erickson | Daily Trojan
A seasoned veteran · Rachel Krusenoski, a sopohmore majoring in policy, planning and development, serves as the campaign manager for the Rachel-Rebecca ticket. She previously ran a senatorial campaign.

Julia Erickson | Daily Trojan
Friendship promises · Hashim Osman, a junior majoring in business administration, assumed the role of campaign manager in the Million-Vorhoff campaign in late fall 2016. Prior to the election, Osman was Daniel Million’s freshman year roommate.

Looking Back

Steven Kramer | Daily Trojan

Archanaa Lingan | Daily Trojan

DT endorses Rachel and Rebecca.

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