Five Valentine’s Day Desserts to Order Online

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. As college students, it’s not always easy to go shopping for a friend or loved one. Especially here at USC, the closest good shopping involves a trip to LA Live or Downtown. Or, maybe you need to show love to somebody you won’t be seeing in person on the 14th. Well, your problem is solved because there are plenty of companies that allow you to order online and ship delicious treats across the country. Everyone will appreciate the sweet gesture of a dessert. Below is a list of five companies with special Valentine’s products that you can order online for your special someone… or for yourself.

Photo from Edoughble

Edible cookie dough

This is for the people who can never bake a batch of cookies because they eat all the dough beforehand. Edoughble is a company started by two USC business school grads that makes gourmet cookie dough without eggs, preservatives or artificial flavors. It’s meant to eat straight from the tub. This company has special Valentine’s Flavors including Red Velvet dough and Pink Velvet dough. They also have a pack of six flavors called the “Be Mine Gift Box.” The best part — with the code “XOXO,” you can get 10 percent off your entire order.

Photo from Baked by Melissa

Mini cupcakes

There’s nothing better than bite-sized cupcakes because you can eat five and not feel that guilty. Luckily, Baked By Melissa ships their delicious little treats nationwide. This company has an entire Valentines Collection that you can ship to your girlfriend or boyfriend, mom, grandma or best friend! Their gift packages have fun, V-day themed names like “The Crush” and “The Perfect Pair.”


Photo from Shari’s Berries

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate dipped berries are a classic Valentine’s treat. Shari’s Berries will make your heart skip a beat. While this company specializes in berries, their enormous Valentine’s collection also includes chocolates, caramel marshmallow pops, brownie pops, dipped cherries, chocolate-dipped Oreo’s, dipped pretzels and red velvet cake truffles. There are so many options, you are sure to find one that fits anyone’s specific taste and personality.

Photo from Jars By Dani


Cake in a jar

Show love to your friends, family or significant other with an inventive dessert: cake in a jar. Jars By Dani is a company that creates jars filled with cake and frosting. Their V-day packs contain an assortment of delicious flavors: chocolate-covered strawberry, white chocolate, cake batter and fudge brownie. You can order anything from a three-pack of jars to a 24-pack and ship it right to someone’s door.  

Photo from the Crispery

Crispy treats

This is the perfect gift anyone who grew up eating or making rice crispy treats. Enormous, handmade treats sold by The Crispery will transport these people back to their childhood. The company has a special Valentine’s pack you can ship across the country. The Crispery’s huge crispycakes are topped with pink and red frosting, individually wrapped and placed in a gift box. Then, the crispycakes are layered with tissue paper and tied up with a special red ribbon.