Behind the Desk: New Beginnings in the Newsroom

Jenny Chung | Daily Trojan

I would have never imagined being the news editor for the Daily Trojan my freshman year — but here I am, spending over 25 hours per week on the fourth floor of the Student Union building.

I love it here, probably because my co-editors actually laugh at my cheesy and dumb jokes. As one of the very few Latino freshmen studying journalism at USC, I sometimes find it intimidating to work with other students who are older and more experienced at news. Once I came to the DT, I never felt that way. I always felt welcome. I walk into the newsroom at 5 p.m. to the faces of the managing editors, who more than my editors have become a family for me.

It is not uncommon for me to walk into the the newsroom, ready to vent at something to happened to me that day or about my discontent at some writers who forgot to turn in their interview recordings (yeah, we do that). Sonali, Danni, Diana and Eric have always been there with open ears and the best advice.

Working as news editor hasn’t been easy for me. Because I am a first-generation student, balancing schoolwork with DT work and getting used to being away from my parents has definitely taken a toll on me, but I am so willing to do it. I’m committed to providing the most up-to-date news and coverage to the student body.

Working with writers has given me the opportunity to interact with students that I normally would not talk to — often, it might be limited to shooting them an email last minute to go cover an event or to check out a protest (shout out to my writers who are always willing to do last-minute articles), and other times, it’s bonding over that one pointless class we’re taking and wish we could skip.

I hope to continue working in this office at the best publication on campus (I’m allowed to editorialize, right?). Knowing that we’re delivering confirmed, crucial news with the DT has taught me the ethics behind the profession I hope to continue with for my entire life.