5 Fashion Trends for the Fall

Fall 2017 runways were more diverse than ever, Biel Parklee and Lauren McCarthy wrote for W Magazine. While the call to diversity was bold, designers’ trends were bolder. This season’s fashion trends of embroidery, reds, audacious jackets, fashion-statement shoes and mismatched patterns demand that the truly stylish be creative risk-takers.


Hand-embroidered fabrics made the runway this fall, inspiring images of the artisan stitching by hand. Designer Alexander McQueen embroidered black dresses in a way that resembled baseball seams. You can showcase your playful side by choosing embroidered book bags, jeans and even luggage. Ladies can begin the week with an embroidered dress and a bag matching one of the colors used in the fabric.

Many Shades of Red

Designers used different shades of red for night and day outfits, demanding we no longer hide behind the safety of muted colors. If Designer Dries Van Noten  can decorate an off-white suit with red foliage then you can try a velvet skirt with a plain, burgundy sweater. Even go a step further by accentuating deep reds with metallics. If you’re feeling traditional (and really cold), you can venture back to the retro days of corduroy. Liana Satenstein wrote in Vogue that Marc Jacobs persuaded Kendall Jenner to wear blood-red corduroy flares, making it safe for anyone to add corduroy to their closet.

Mismatched Patterns

Because plaid is one of the safest patterns to wear, it has not really gone out of style. Red, long-sleeved shirts with vertical black lines are a favorite style choice for many, not just hipsters. Designers incorporated different types of patterns in their collections, even extending complex patchwork to jeans to give them a handcrafted appearance. Jeans with different shades of fabric sewn into the pant legs add variety for those wanting their edgy style to feel a bit more homespun.

Audacious Jackets

Jackets offer so much flexibility: statement jackets that use one of the major fashion trends can be draped over a carefully planned outfit. That way, you can still look stylish on an autumn day. Prada used eye-catching jackets from various trends throughout her collection. One design, a burgundy corduroy suit complemented by a gray shirt, makes the everyday business suit even more striking.

Statement Shoes

Combat boots made their way down the runway along with shoes embellished with beads. This signals that shoe trends are starting to embrace the “fashion forward” spirit. Just like jackets can make a statement, your feet can as well. For an everyday look, choose slouchy boots. Whether they’re metallic gold for the evening or gray for the day, slouchy boots are a fun way to draw the eye down to the leg.