IFC responds to new recruitment requirements

Photo from IFC website

The Interfraternity Council released a statement to the USC community on Thursday opposing the University’s new standards for recruitment eligibility, alleging that the policy was passed without much consideration or collaboration between student leaders and University officials.

The new policy will limit eligibility for the Greek recruitment process to students with a minimum USC grade point average of 2.5 and 12 completed units.

“I really hope that the administration at least acknowledges that we want to come to the table, we really want this mediated type of conversation,” said IFC president Alexander Cuoci. “[We want to] get the whole [USC] community to come together and have our voice be heard.”

The letter includes a three-fold proposal for the administration, which includes committing to a public meeting with supporters of the Greek community, creating a committee to provide solutions to address all parties’ concerns and agreeing to a non-binding mediation before an objective audience.

“Administrators are justifying this recruitment ban by pointing to peers and aspirant institutions,” the letter reads. “Meanwhile, USC is among the best universities in the world. The administration should look to its own students, alumni and faculty to address student health issues, instead of adopting policies from other institutions.”

Cuoci explains that these recruitment standards will limit freshman students’ opportunities to become involved on campus.

“Unilaterally implementing policy that limits a first-year student’s freedom of association with no meaningful input from student leaders is contrary to everything USC stands for,” the letter reads.

He also said that the Greek leaders were informed of the potential policy in the fall before the semester started, but they did not realize its approval would happen so soon without much consideration.

“We were never told this was going to be implemented until [Wednesday], when I sat down with [Provost Michael] Quick and he said, ‘This is going to happen,’” Cuoci said.

Cuoci hopes the administration will consider the opinions of student leaders and other stakeholders in the Greek community, especially when it comes to the effects the policy has on the system.

The Panhellenic Council also presented a letter opposing the new recruitment requirements, which was delivered to administrators and presented at the Undergraduate Student Government meeting on Tuesday.

Vice President for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.