PODCAST: Pop Is So Deep rediscovers its All-American roots in Hoodie Allen’s music

Photo courtesy of Sarah Kassel and Buck Andrews

Episode 3: Saving Private Hoodie Allen

They say 18 is a magic number. In this week’s installment of Pop is So Deep, Buck and Kassel go #AllAmerican to discuss Hoodie Allen’s new song “Ain’t Ready” off his 3rd studio album The Hype. Buck, Kassel and Theory Boy discover that Hoodie is a power bottoming, troop supporting, Wharton going, former Google employee—so much more than the former UPenn AEPi we know and love. Moral of the podcast: don’t ask don’t tell the PISD team that Hoodie loves anything but the troops and the gays. Also, make sure to follow @popissodeep on Twitter to see the team’s playful banter with Allen himself.





Photo courtesy of Sarah Kassel and Buck Andrews

About the podcast: 

Buck Andrews and Sarah Kassel were just two friends with an idea for a podcast: translate pop music for the masses. Since then they have become a multi-million dollar media conglomerate known as Pop is So Deep but still manage to find time to attend classes at ‘SC. They are very excited to be collaborating with the Daily Trojan and hope you enjoy their latest episode. Pop So Deep posts new episodes Tuesdays. 

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