SCA removes Bryan Singer’s name following new sexual assault allegations

Photo of Bryan Singer from Wikimedia Commons.

The USC School of Cinematic Arts announced that it removed director Bryan Singer’s name from its Division of Cinema & Media Studies program Friday after new sexual assault allegations emerged.

SCA said in a statement that Singer requested for the school to suspend his name affiliation until the allegations were resolved.

“The School means a great deal to Bryan, and while he intends to defend himself vigorously against these claims, he does not want the pending litigation to have a negative impact on his alma mater,” said the statement, which was acquired by the Daily Trojan.

Since November, over 4,000 students, alumni and members of the USC community have signed a petition requesting the University remove Singer’s name from the institution, citing former allegations of sexual assault, harassment and pedophilia.

“We have known about the allegations against Singer for some time, as have many students — 20-plus years of media coverage on the multiple allegations against Singer have made his history a highly public topic,” petition co-writers Emily Halaka and Adrian Vega-Albela Osorio wrote to the Daily Trojan in November.

In response to the petition, SCA acknowledged its appreciation of the Trojan community’s concerns and stated it was monitoring the situation.

The latest lawsuit, obtained by The New York Times on Thursday, accused Singer of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy in 2003.

Singer has faced multiple lawsuits throughout his filmmaking career, including one in 1997 concerning child nudity on a film set, according to Entertainment Weekly. In 2014, Singer also faced allegations of sexually abusing a minor, according to court documents obtained by The Wrap.


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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Does anyone else notice how it’s men and men only who are taken down with these harassment allegations, even though women routinely engage in similar behavior and *never* get punished thanks to pussy pass?

    • Mom with Greek Son
      Mom with Greek Son says:

      Women aren’t controlled by their sex organ like unchaste men of power. If the stories about Mr. Singer are true, this is an appropriate move by the USC administration which my family and I very much support. There is a special place in Hell for those that abuse young men sexually while promising riches and fame. Of course Mr. Singer deserves his day in court but only the Lord can make the final judgement of one’s earthly wickedness

      God Bless and I will pray for all concerned!

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        Oh, there is no shortage of women “controlled by their sex organs.” There is also no shortage of female teachers and older women seducing their male students. The problem is, when that happens, the press portrays the event as “sex romp” instead of rape.

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