USC starts investigation into Delta Tau Delta party

The USC administration has opened an investigation into a Delta Tau Delta fraternity party held last Friday following a Daily Trojan report which included photos and testimonies from students at the party, who indicated that some found the theme racially insensitive.

Photos obtained by the Daily Trojan.

In a statement to the Daily Trojan, Vice President of Student Affairs Ainsley Carry said that the decision to investigate the fraternity came after seeing the photos of the “Black Friday” party published in the newspaper.

“I was disheartened by the photos that I’ve seen reportedly taken last week at a fraternity party,” Carry said in a statement to the Daily Trojan. “USC takes these matters very seriously and we have opened an investigation.”

The photos obtained by the Daily Trojan depict a poster from the party bearing the phrase “For the Culture” written on it, and the name “Jemimah” spray-painted on the side of a table. Multiple sources also said they saw graffiti on the walls at the party, and that many of the fraternity’s members were wearing basketball jerseys.

In a statement to the Daily Trojan sent prior to Carry’s statement, Delta Tau Delta treasurer Mario Blanco said the fraternity did not intend to offend anyone.

“If any elements were interpreted as being offensive, it was not our intent and we certainly apologize,” Blanco said in the statement. “Our fraternity places great value on cultural diversity and respect.”

Carry, in his statement, referenced the USC Principles of Community, which say that “ignorance or ‘it was just a joke’ will not be excuses for insensitive behavior.”

“Even if the organizers did not start out meaning to offend, the result is offensive,” Carry said.

Multiple sources who spoke to the Daily Trojan after attending the party, however, said they saw nothing unusual while they were there.

Though some attendees said they remember posters, they could not remember the exact phrases on them. Others indicated that they interpreted the theme as referring to black lights present in the house for the party.

Delta Tau Delta did not respond to multiple requests for comment regarding USC’s newly announced investigation.

The Interfraternity Council also did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment regarding the investigation.

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  1. Konnor Orlin
    Konnor Orlin says:

    DTD is probably the most diverse house on the row lmao. For the Culture was a reference to Migos and the name of the party was a reference to black lights lol

      • Mom with Greek Son
        Mom with Greek Son says:

        From my earlier post on another related article:

        “Jemimah” is undoubtedly a reference to the Job’s oldest daughter. Fundamentally, the story of Job explains why an all loving God allows evil and suffering to exist. I encourage you to spend some time reviewing the Bible to further understand its true meaning outside of the reference in this article which the DT fails to place in the correct biblical context.

        My son and some of his close friends in the top fraternities have a Bible study group that meets regularly on the row alternating among the top fraternities and sororities for all those that seek the Truth. I’m sure they have extra chairs for anyone who wishesto learn more about the Bible.

        God Bless!

  2. Jehuda
    Jehuda says:

    the real travesty here is that no one contributing to this article was apparently aware of the “Culture II” album that was released that very same day. that’s straight up criminal, USC should investigate you for willfull ignorance of art

  3. Thekatman
    Thekatman says:

    Kids today are either overly sensitive to anything different or their just making trouble for the sake M of doing so. Nothing wrong with those posters. Now go back to your sade space.

    • Christopher Cordon
      Christopher Cordon says:

      The Row IS their safe place, hence why they have the most patrol. They shouldn’t forget where they’re at. They’re visitors of this community and should respect those OF the community and the hardships they must endure due to USC’s presence and the gentrification affecting them.

    • Mom with Greek Son
      Mom with Greek Son says:

      I don’t know much about Delta Tau Delta as they must be a new fraternity at USC. Regardless, I don’t think these boys should get in trouble for painting biblical names on tables when those making the complaints aren’t well versed in the Bible to begin with. Seems like a little less complaining and a little more study might be in order.

      God Bless All!

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