USG updates published transcript of hearing

The official transcript of last week’s hearing regarding allegations brought against the Mai & Brianna presidential ticket was updated Monday with previously excluded portions of the transcript. The updated transcript now includes a closing statement from the Mai & Brianna ticket as well as elevated dialogue between the two tickets.

The new transcript shows that of the comments made by the Mai & Brianna ticket, approximately 50 percent of their comments were either partially or fully excluded. For the  Debbie & Blake campaign members, approximately 25 percent of their comments were partially or fully excluded. Some comments made by the Elections Commission, including those made by Nillani Anandakugan, Proxy Chair of the Elections Commission, were also partially or fully excluded.

Both Debbie Lee and Mai Mizuno, the two presidential candidates, told the Daily Trojan that they were not officially notified by the Undergraduate Student Government of the update to the transcript. Addison Adkins, Mai & Brianna’s campaign manager, however, said that she was notified of the changes directly.

Neither the USG Elections and Recruitment Team nor USG’s Director of Communications responded to repeated requests for comment.

“USG realizes that some dialogue from this hearing was missing and have since updated this hearing transcript for full transparency,” USG’s statement above the updated transcript said. “We strive to ensure full transparency and apologize for the issue.”

Lee said that she had not noticed any inconsistencies in the original transcript but was “relieved to find the information intact.”

“We understood that transcripts could be modified during any point but weren’t explicitly notified about the specific changes made to the transcript,” Lee said.

Adkins said it was important that the updates were made to the transcript, including the inclusion of a closing statement from Adkins regarding not recommending sanctions against the Debbie & Blake ticket.

“I don’t think we need to recommend any sanctions,” Adkins said at the hearing, according to the updated transcript. “They’re just trying to do what’s best for their campaign just like we’re trying to do what’s best for ours.”

Mizuno said that this statement from Adkins was something that her campaign wanted to emphasize.

“We’re really happy to have the transcripts reflect the sentiments that we expressed at the end of the hearing,” Mizuno said.

The verdict of last Monday’s hearing had found that “no infraction occurred” with the Mai & Brianna ticket.

After the publication of the verdict Wednesday, the Daily Trojan requested an official transcript copy of the Jan. 29 hearing, but was denied. USG released a statement and the first transcript of the hearing the following day.

According to the Elections Code XIII.D, “a written copy of the transcript will be released to both the general public and the press.”

USG’s statement Thursday also said that the Elections Code required that the transcript be made available within “the 24-hour window,” but no such time frame is listed in the Elections Code. Instead, the code states that “the transcript shall be available in the USG office for public consumption as soon as a verdict is reached.”

The USG statement had attributed the transcript’s delay to “unforeseen circumstances and technical difficulties” and said that the team is “ardently working on developing a more efficient method of releasing future hearing transcripts.”