Abhi The Nomad is ready to break new ground

On the verge of kicking off his “American Alien” tour, Abhi The Nomad remains passionate about representing his culture in hip-hop. (Photo courtesy of Levi Thompson)

Austin-based hip-hop artist Abhi The Nomad started making music when he was just 13 years old. When he started recording himself a year later, he claims he wasn’t really good. Rather, it took a lot of time and effort to get inspired and come into his own music in the last few years — a development he cites as being “more invested in [his] art than anything else in life.”

Abhi The Nomad’s style ranges from fast-paced hip-hop, to funkier R&B songs, as evidenced in singles like “Run” and “Booty.” Although he explores different genres across his music, he likes to define his sound as a form of alternative hip-hop.

“I like exploring different styles, but I’m coming into my own in the sense that I think what I make is alternative hip-hop,” Abhi said. “I think it’s like hip-hop mixed with different styles. Obviously, ‘Run’ and ‘Booty’ sound more rap-centric as opposed to the other ones, but I think that’s just an exception.”

He sees his sound getting darker and more intense, something fans will begin to hear in the next year as he tries to distance himself from a more sugary, accessible style of music. Now, the 24-year-old artist is looking forward to exploring moodier territories.

“The thing is, I’m getting sick of the last album, which was something so bubbly,” Abhi said. “You know the word for what it is at the time but I think I kind of want to explore a little more intense dark atmospheres and I’d like go down that route.”

Abhi derives his inspiration from the artists he currently listens to. These influences range from the new Lupe Fiasco album to Logic’s rapid-fire rapping style. Abhi’s funkier side comes out as he explains that his ideal collaboration would be with artist Anderson .Paak.

“I feel like Anderson .Paak would make the most sense, honestly,” Abhi said. “I don’t know know — if I wanted to collab with someone it wouldn’t be like on my new song.”

After dropping his LP “Marbled,” Abhi used his last two singles, “Run” and “Booty,” to show off his rapping talents as he spit bars over fast-paced, bouncy beats.

“I feel like after dropping an album that’s super emotional, marbled and super introspective and all that shit. I kind of needed some space to just bar out, rap my ass off and just be technical about music,” Abhi said.

Currently, Abhi is kicking off the West Coast leg of his “American Alien” national tour. Abhi is also passionate about creating better Indian representation in hip-hop. He believes it is important that people of his background see someone representing them on stage.

“I look closer to what they look like than their friends,” Abhi said.

He believes that his unlikely presence in the hip-hop genre can inspire confidence in other Indians to pursue their passions, whatever they may be. In fact, he says he would love to see more Indian rappers pick up a mic and try their hand at making hip-hop music. He also says that he wishes more people like him would try playing music of any kind. He hopes that, if he is to serve as inspiration for anyone, others will learn to be proud of their heritage and where they came from.

All the support he’s received for his album and tour have been the most rewarding part of his career. It is this love from his fans that is pushing him to create more music, Abhi said.

“It should be about my music,” Abhi said. “Nothing else really matters.”

Abhi The Nomad will perform at the Moroccan Lounge on Oct. 24. His new single “Booty” is available on all major music platforms.